Laser De-Pigmentation

At Middlesex Periodontics we are always looking to provide services to our patients in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Dr. Daniel Reich is offering an innovative solution to gingival hyper-pigmentation, also known as “dark gums”. Laser DePigmentation, is a laser “gum lightening” procedure.

Photo of patient before depigmentation laser
De-Pigmentation Pre-Operative
Photo of patient after depigmentation laser
De-Pigmentation Post-Operative

While having dark gums is normal, many patients are bothered by how they look, and seek to lighten their gums, to improve their appearance and smile.

Utilizing the Periolase technology, dark gums can effectively and and painlessly be eliminated. This procedure is a fast, comfortable method that removes the dark pigments from the surface of your gums and improves your smile.

We Use the Latest Technologies To Restore Your Smile!

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